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  Self-Contained Leaf Collector

SCL800TM Front
Now available - - Bottom Exhaust System.
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Heavy Duty Leaf Collector
The SCL800TM is built from the ground up to be powerful, durable, and user-friendly
John Deere Diesel Engine
Combining the power of the John Deere 4045T 74 HP engine with a 32" diameter impeller the SCL800 has the best suction of any unit in it's class.
Customized Sheet Metal
The engine is covered by a custom sheet metal enclosure constructed of 16-gauge steel and has front and rear access doors with stamped louvers for optimum ventilation. The access doors are quickly and easily removable by opening one lift and turn latch enabling fast and convenient access to critical engine components such as the oil dipstick, fuel filter, engine senders/switches, fuel primer pump and fuel injection pump, while still providing protection from moving parts such as belts and fans.
Available in 14, 20, 25 and 30 CY Capacities
ODB has 4 different sizes to meet all your needs. We start with a 14 cubic yard box container and go all the way up to a 30 cubic yard box container.
Hydraulic Hose Boom
The SCL800TM has a large 16" diameter x 120" long 3/8" thick wire reinforced rubber hose on the intake. This heavy duty hose is raised and lowered hydrauically by an electric/hyraulic hose boom. The boom swivels on two 1.5" diameter flange bearings connected to the barrel style inlet allowing for nearly effortless movement of the intake hose.
SCL800SM-3X Rear

NJPA Costars
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