Why Choose Us?

engineered for a Green planet™

Committed to sustainability measures in our products and processes.

focus on customer value

Industry-leading innovative designs for form, function and style.

Commitment to quality

Rigorous controls and quality testing resulting in the lowest warranty rate in the market.

Speed and Efficiency

Best on-time delivery in the market.

components in the field
Satisfied customers


I have been using ODB machines for over 20 years and find them to be the most reliable and efficient to use.
Stephen Kramer, Fork township, PA
Your innovation is what is going to separate us from the competition.
Shane Langermeier, Best EQUIPMENT
A company that honors commitments and follows through. I can rely on the quality and delivery of their brooms.
Amanda White
Innovation is clearly at the core of everything ODB. The level of detail and knowledge exhibited is truly an asset to any customer.
Naomi Flannigan