Debris collector with compactor body mounted on a 52,000 lb GVWR Freightliner M2 chassis.

87HP Kubota gas engine.

28″ diameter fan.

19 yd compactor body.

One-man crew configuration.

Kubota WSG3800 3.8L Gasoline rated 87hp@2600 rpmNew Freightliner M2,Dual Steer PIK RITE COMPACTION BODY (DCL7003XCB)
Electronic engine controls w/ Safety shut down3 Axis (3X) automated hose boom w/ cab controls, proportional hyd
Boxed perforated radiator screen16×144″ URETHANE suction hose w/steel nozzle
40 gallon polyethylene fuel tankGear driven Hydraulic pump powers 15.2 ton capacity hoist
13″ clutch assembly w/2.25 dia PTO shaft & safety engagement 
Suction impeller with six 3/8″ thick T-1 steel blades 
3 groove Power band belt drive for suction impeller: 
Hydraulic hose boom powered by a 12V electric/hydraulic pump 
16″ diameter x 120″ Rubber intake hose with steel nozzle 
Pre-painted prior to assembly: Unit – White , Engine – Grey